Our uniquely designed bouquets stay fresher for longer

We arrive at the flower auction at around 4 in the morning every delivery day. Trust us, getting up that early isn't easy (especially in the winter!) but it's worth it because we can make you a bouquet that looks better, and lasts longer, than your typical shop-bought variety.

You'll already know that some flowers just cope better in certain conditions. Maybe they won't grow quite as well in autumn, or others won't cope as well with the intense heat of summer.

Picking and designing our bouquets on the day of delivery, instead of to a pre-designed formula, means we can create something unique that truly fits the season. Your flowers will look better and last longer because of it.

Also, we cut out a lot of steps between the grower's fields and your home. Flowers will often make multiple stops before they eventually end up in a high-street florist or supermarket. Whereas Vela flowers are sent to you on the very same day they arrive in the country.