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Love flowers? Want a whole year of blooms for FREE?

We love seeing your letterbox flowers on Instagram - so if you post a photo of your Vela blooms each month for the next year, we’ll give you a year of flowers for free!

Subscribe to our letterbox flowers and choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly deliveries that fit straight through the letterbox.

Make sure you’re following us on Instagram and then get snapping! Post a photo of your blooms each month for 12 months using the hashtag #yearofvela and make sure to tag us in each post. We recommend taking a photo of your flowers a few days after they arrive, to give them chance to re-hydrate and start to bloom!

Once you’ve posted photos of your 12 deliveries, send us an email at with your Instagram handle so that we can verify your posts - and voila, free flowers!

Want to double check your Instagram account is eligible before you start? Check out our Terms & Conditions below, or if you want to be really sure you can email us at with your Instagram handle and we’ll let you know!

Already get beautiful blooms from us on the regular and want to join in? Great! Send us an email at to be a part of our Instagram challenge. 

Vela Instagram

Terms & Conditions

To be eligible to take part, your Instagram must;
  • Be a publicly visible account
  • Have been active for at least 3 months and must not have been created specifically for this offer

To be eligible to claim your 12 free deliveries you must;
  • Have an Instagram account that adheres to the above terms
  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Tag us @velaflowers and use the hashtag #???? in each post
  • Post at least one post per month for 12 months of 12 different bouquets. Posts must be posted to your page. Photos posted on Instagram stories will not be counted (but we love seeing our flowers on your stories too!)
  • Contact us with your Instagram handle, using the email address you used to subscribe once you have posted all 12 photos.

General Terms & Conditions
  • If the subscription is cancelled at any point before you receive and photograph 12 paid-for deliveries, you will be unable to claim 12 free deliveries
  • No more than 12 free deliveries will be given
  • Please note - if your account does not adhere to the above regulations, you will not be eligible to receive your 12 free deliveries
  • Vela Flowers reserves the right to refuse to give you 12 deliveries of flowers if your account does not not adhere to the above terms, even if you have participated
  • By posting for this offer you agree to us using the content you produce on our website and in our marketing materials


How can I check that my Instagram account is eligible?
  • Email us at with your Instagram handle, and we’ll get back to you once we’ve checked it out!
How do I make my blooms photo-ready?
  • Our letterbox flowers will need a little time to rehydrate when they arrive, so we recommend trimming them, popping them in water and giving them a couple of days to bloom before you get Instagramming!
I need some tips on arranging my blooms!
  • No problem! Check out our Top Tips page for some easy arranging tips to make your flowers look stunning.
What happens if I forget to post a photo one month?
  • You’ve got time! You can post your photo at any point during the month - and our flowers usually last at least a week, so that gives you plenty of time to Instagram them.
How do I pause my deliveries if I’m on holiday?
  • You can skip a delivery by going into your Vela account and choosing which delivery you’d like to change. Alternatively, you can email us at and we’ll change it for you.
How do I claim my 12 free deliveries?
  • It’s easy! Send us an email with your Instagram handle to from the email address you used when you subscribed. We’ll double check all your lovely photos and then let you know when your free deliveries will start!

For general FAQs about our letterbox flowers and delivery service, please go to our FAQs page.