Who doesn't love a crafty Christmas? Grab a glass of mulled wine (and a mince pie) and follow our instructions on how to make your very own fresh Vela Christmas wreath!

How to make a Christmas wreath

Step One:make a christmas wreath

First, take the thicker wire and use scissors to cut it into three equal parts. Next, lay your willow stems next to each other, top to tail, and fasten them together a third of the way in using the wire. Do the same two thirds across the stems, and then bend them into a loop before fastening them together to create your wreath base. Make sure the stems are slightly overlapping to ensure your ring is secure!

Step Two:

create christmas wreath bundles

Create your bundles! You'll need a sprig of pine, a piece of eucalyptus, two pieces of silver barley and thin wire. Layer your bundle as shown in the photo, and then use a length of green wire approximately 3 inches long to wrap around the bottom of the stems and secure the pieces together. Make three bundles with silver barley.

Step Three:

Repeat the above, but without the silver barley. You should have 3 bundles with pine, eucalyptus and barley, and 6 bundles with just pine and eucalyptus.

Step Four:

Creating a fresh Christmas wreath

Place your first bundle in position on your willow frame. Turn it over and secure the stems to the frame with another length of wire. Leave the top end of the bundle unattached, as we'll use this to tuck the last piece of the wreath neatly under at the end.

Step Five:

Creating a fresh pine Christmas wreath

Grab another mince pie and top up your mulled wine! Take another bundle and overlap it with the first one in the same direction. Fasten the stems to the frame with a length of wire as in step four, but this time also fasten the top of the bundle to the first bundle and the willow base. Add another bundle (this time make it a sparkly one!) and fasten in the same way. Continue doing this until you have a nice, full wreath!

Step Six:

When you fasten your last bunch, tuck the end of the stems under the un-fastened top of the first bunch, and then fasten them together on the willow ring.

Step Seven:

Add cinnamon sticks

Spice it up with cinnamon sticks! We like to tie these on top of the silver barley spread equally around the ring.

Step Eight:

How to add fruit slices to a Christmas wreath

Time to get fruity... Wire two lime slices together, making sure to pierce the white rind. Bring both ends of the wire around the back of the slices. Attach all six, equally spaced around the wreath.

Step Nine:

Admire your hard work and hang your beautiful fresh Christmas wreath on your door for all to see!

Christmas wreath