We're all about the flowers!

We know that a beautiful bunch of flowers can make anyone's day, which is why we spend our days sending gorgeous fresh flowers through letterboxes across the UK! 


Here's what makes our flowers special


On every delivery day we arrive at our flower supplier's market at around 4am. The enormous range of flowers in the market have only been in the country for a few hours at this point, having being cut and shipped from the Netherlands the day before.

Our florists explore the endless aisles of blooms and design a bouquet right there and then. This unique approach gives you the best possible flowers. You get the stems which cope best with the current weather. 

And because we aren't committed to a specific bouquet you can be sure we won't be using flowers which haven't grew well this season, we'll just choose something something better.

Once we've decided on a bouquet we cut, pack and ship your flowers immediately. We don't even have to leave the market, we have our own private workshop on site!

All of this means you get your flowers as quickly as possible, giving them extra life in your home. All in all, it only takes a day or two after the flowers have been picked to have them arriving through your door in a convenient and sturdy letterbox friendly package.

Green at Heart

We try to keep it as green as possible at Vela. Our packaging is recyclable, and our boxes are made from 50% recycled materials. We pack to order, reducing flower waste and making sure that no blooms are thrown away!

Want to find out more about our flowers? Click here for our FAQs, or if you fancy a chat, head to our contact page.