Vela ♥️ Pretty Little English Rose

This time, our Vela Loves interview is with Sarah, from Pretty Little English Rose.

Homemaker extraordinaire, Sarah has spent months painstakingly renovating her 100 year old house, scouring independent shops for finds old and new. The result is an eclectic nest and an Instagram feed that tracks her progress (plus various dog pics and adventures at her weekend retreat on the east coast of Yorkshire.)

Sarah talks to us about inspirations, where she gets her ideas, curating a beautiful home, and words to live by.

What inspires Pretty Little English Rose?
My main inspiration is the changing of the seasons. I also take a lot of inspiration from the rugged Yorkshire coast and beautiful surrounding countryside.

Favourite way to style flowers at home?
I love English wild flowers and I am totally inept at arranging flowers so I like a relaxed, wild arrangement with lots of colour.
Home is …
An extension of my personality and somewhere I feel totally relaxed. I once read a wonderful quote and knew that was how I wanted my home to be...
Motto - do you have one?
Always be true to yourself – It has taken me many years to learn to live by this motto but I think it is so important I follow my instincts and trust my own mind and decisions.

What piece of home decor would you rescue in a fire?
This is a hard one as I have so many one off pieces I love! But it would have to be my Christmas decorations (I would be up my loft ladder in a shot) each one is very special to me and has a little memory.

I have collected them from all over the place or they were gifts. They are very dear to me and irreplaceable.

How did you get into the world of Instagram?
I was looking for pictures of a piece of pottery I was contemplating buying online when I stumbled across one of my now fave Insta feeds.

I was so inspired by her beautiful pictures and how friendly the Instagram community was, I decided to set up my own Insta page. I am in the process of renovating my house and I have gained so much home interior inspiration from everyone I follow.

Which hashtag should we be exploring right now?
#meetthemaker there are so many wonderful small businesses and artisans on Instagram. I love supporting small businesses and have bought many beautiful pieces through Insta.

If you could read only one magazine for the rest of your life what would you read?
I don’t really read magazines very often. My new year’s resolution a few years ago was to read more books as I rarely read. I used to buy magazines, flick through them and not really read them so I now use the money to buy a book (sorry I sound like a right goody two shoes).

Favourite online shopping discovery?
Was actually Instagram. I have bought unique pieces from small businesses on Insta. I would never have found these businesses if it hadn’t been for Instagram and the surrounding community.

If you could swap wardrobes with anyone, who’s would you take?
Emma Stone! I just love her. She is the perfect mix of old Hollywood glamour with a quirky modern twist.

Top tip offs - your three favourite Insta feeds that we should check out?
Oh this is so hard to pick as I have so many I love! A few of my faves are (I’ve gone with 4)  @thehouseandhound @susannah.mead @peoniecoletextiles  @homebytheloch