10 golden rules to get the most from your Letterbox Stems

  1. With the Vela logo facing upwards, open the box.
  2. Trim the stems at a 45 degree angle.
  3. Remove any leaves that will sit below the water line in the vase.
  4. Carefully remove any protective netting using a pair of scissors.
  5. Some flowers come naturally protected by guard petals. You can remove these by just pulling them gently.
  6. Some foliage comes with multiple stems. You can snip these down into separate stems to help fill out your bouquet.
  7. Find a vase about 20 centimetres deep by seven centimetres wide, and fill it two thirds full with cold, fresh water.
  8. Remember to recut your stems at a 45 degree angle and change the water in the vase every couple of days to get the longest life out of your Vela step.
  9. Place your stems in a bright, cool spot, but make sure they're not in direct sunlight, and that there aren't any draughts nearby.
  10. Remember your stems come tightly in bud, so we can fit more in the box, and so you can get longer out of them.