How do luxury letterbox flowers work?

Ex-marketing director and Vela founder Charlotte Ellis wanted flowers in her home, but found online florists offered a bewildering amount of choice, and waiting home for the flowers to arrive was annoying. A poll amongst her friends and colleagues found them in agreement.

And so Charlotte, along with Lynn, her co-founder and aunt, set out to create a new generation florist with three basic tenets:

The best quality blooms are those currently in season

Waiting home for flowers to arrive is annoying

Too much choice is a bad thing

And so Vela was founded to bring beautiful blooms, simply delivered into the homes of busy people, and those of the people they love.

The best quality blooms are those currently in season
Our master florists rise before dawn to hand pick out the very best of what is available at the flower markets to create a single seasonal, perfectly curated bouquet, which changes monthly.

We buy our flowers at your request, so you receive the freshest blooms, directly from the flower market. They are then carefully conditioned and packed in beautiful Vela trademark packaging, before heading off overnight to be with you the following day.

Too much choice is sometimes a bad thing!
The Vela site is designed to help you order flowers in the shortest time with least fuss: no endless product choices and the risk of getting it wrong, just a single bouquet offering the very best of what is in season.

You just have two simple choices to make:

Do you want to sendflowers just the once, arrange ongoing deliveries or a buy a gift subscription?
And what size would you like: A letterbox full of stems, or a handtied bouquet?

Waiting home for flowers to arrive is annoying.
Thanks to our innovative packaging, carefully selected blooms and by adding protective netting to individual flower heads, we are able to send full bouquets of fresh flowers through the letterbox.

Your blooms are laid top to tail in our bespoke pack, a light but sturdy cardboard box, sized 58 cm long, 18 cm wide and 3.8 cm deep, which means that it is able to fit through most standard UK letterboxes.

Why not try Vela for yourself?