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Flowers in a Box

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When it comes to flowers, we truly consider ourselves to be artisans. Flowers are our speciality and something we hold close and dear to our hearts here at Vela.

We want to share our love and passion for flowers with the world. That's why we hand-pick only the best flowers for our customers, and deliver them at peak freshness so their beauty can fill your room for as long as possible.

Regardless of whatever the occasion may be in which you require flowers, we work hard to make them to order for you and will also work within your specific budget. Even if your overall knowledge about flowers is a little rusty, it's easy to use our online ordering service. Simply choose between hand-tied or letterbox stems, then your delivery frequency, and we'll take care of the rest.

Each bouquet is completely hand-picked and hand-tied, and every box is filled with beautiful fresh flowers. We are dedicated to your satisfaction, and strive to bring you the only the best blooms every week.

Every one of our hand delivered bouquets comes inside of a specially designed box which keeps your flowers safe while fitting right into your letterbox. Our hand delivery process ensures that every bouquet is personally and carefully delivered to its intended recipient, preserving the flowers freshness and beauty.

If you're eco-conscious (like us!), don't worry - Our flower boxes are made of 50% recycled materials and are easy to recycle once you're done.

If you have any specific flower needs or allergies - don't worry. We have a number of customers who need lily-free arrangements, and will be happy to take care your specific needs.

We also have options for a variety of needs. You can choose between hand tied bouquets, or our cost-effective letterbox stems, both of which are hand picked and hand arranged in-house, here at Vela.

If you have any questions about the ongoing care of your fresh flowers, you can take a look at at our online Journal, which has specific advice from our master florist for your blooms.

Thanks to our online ordering system, sending flowers has never been easier. We take care of hand crafting a beautiful arrangement in our custom box, so you don't have to worry about picking the right combination of flowers. Our experienced master florist does the hard work of creating a fresh arrangement that will work as a whole, or can be split into individuals and spread around your home or office.

Even if the intended recipient isn't home, the flowers will still be waiting for them when they arrive. We designed our letterbox flower delivery to be simple and effective, so they will fit through any standard sized box.

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