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Do letterbox packs really fit through the letterbox?

How can I cut down on waste from packaging?


The recipient won’t be in to receive the flowers and so they won’t be put into water straight away. Will this be a problem?

The flowers weren’t delivered and there’s a note for me to collect them from the sorting office.

My flowers haven't arrived, what shall I do?

Do you deliver to hospitals?

Do you deliver abroad?

Where does Vela deliver?

When can I have flowers delivered? 

Is same-day delivery available?

How much does delivery cost?

When will my flowers arrive?

Does the recipient need to be in to receive the flowers?

Flower Care

Do you send a vase with the flowers?

Do the flowers arrive already arranged?

I'm not happy, can I return the flowers? 

My flowers look sad

How do I care for the flowers?

My flowers are all closed and green

How long do will my flowers last?

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Can I refer a friend?

Do you have a My Occasions feature?

Ordering flowers

What is a Subscription?

I have some feedback on my blooms

My flowers are different to those shown on site, why?

Can I choose which flowers you send?

Are lilies safe to give as gifts?

Do I get an order confirmation?

Can I send flowers to my clients?

Can I order more than one?

Can I choose which flowers I receive?

Can I add anything extra?

What payment methods do you accept?

Are payments on your site secure?

I’ve got a promotional code. How to I claim it?